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Waiting on the Calvary

We are always talking to ourselves through our thoughts, how we interpret and experience our environment and even through the non-verbal communication with those around us. For persons hardest hit by this pandemic of epic proportion, Covid-19, the internal dialogue may be even louder or worse yet silent.

Leaving the individual to struggle with intense feelings of fear, loss and overwhelm. The silence can be deafening making it difficult to see beyond the moment or sending the individual time traveling into the future only to see failure, more loss and more despair.

According to the CDC suicide rates stemming from Covid-19 have increased 35% since 1999. For many people daily struggles were already a part of their normal. In the blink of an eye, jobs were lost, housing threatened, disconnection crept in with churches and other houses of worship closing, communities upended.

For Black, Brown and other marginalized persons this pandemic has been especially difficult adding more insult to injury for those whose American dream was already a nightmare.

Toxic uncertainty, loss of identity, loss of lifestyle and for many no end in sight. This is the place where we have to take a stand, tentative or fragile as it may be. There are some bright spots already beginning to emerge. Black Lives Matter is creating space for dialogue, exploration and empowerment. Slowing the pace has allowed us to find more of ourselves, finding fitness, gratefulness and appreciation of the little things.

Be your own Calvary :

  1. Take stock of the day, today is the first day of the rest of your life.

  2. Know that you matter and have value.

  3. Create a routine that works for you and stick to it.

  4. Identify and implement daily physical activity.

  5. Identify and manage your boundaries letting your yes mean yes and your no mean no.

  6. Journal if safe to do so, get the words out of your head, allow curiosity about your feelings.

  7. Find bright spots to be grateful as gratefulness is good for the heart.

  8. See yourself beyond your current situation doing well, feeling safe and connected.

  9. Ask for and accept help.

  10. Check in with yourself regularly and allow yourself to step back when needed.

  11. Budget your resources.

  12. Eat well, sleep and smile.

  13. Don’t time travel unnecessarily.

The Calvary may not look like we expected, it is more powerful when we open ourselves up to be our own or someone else’s Calvary. We don’t have go through the stress and strain of this pandemic of epic proportion alone.

Share your your Calvary activities we have to stay encouraged.


Tammy Austin


Therapy Unchained

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