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Weathered and Unaware

As you look at the deflated pool float you may ask yourself, "what is the blog about?" The pool float represents, "weathering". I use it to demonstrate the effect of pouring ourselves out for everyone and everything. Often times we have no idea how the weathering effect has impacted us.

We know we're tired, emotionally drained, irritated and agitated; yet we push on. Recently I became personally aware of weathering. I drank cups of coffee, strong coffee and I took short power naps. I was trying to scrape more energy, creativity and focus; while shaming myself for not producing the desired results.

When I noticed the deflated pool float it deeply resonated with me, specifically with how I was feeling. Weathering is similar to placing your nicest pair of shoes outside in the Florida heat, sun and rain. You may check on the shoes and they seem fine, no fade, no tears, just fine.

One day you look at the shoes and notice the deep cracks, lack of shine and the stretched out appearance. Unfortunately with our bodies and minds the care and recovery to regain our glow, glam and magic requires awareness, intentionality and of course getting out of the elements.

I began with grace, self compassion, permission to stop, rest and more importantly rest my mind. It is also important to reconnect with I like to be outside, I cycle and I walk, mindful and grateful cycling and walking. I even started and completed several bible plans on wisdom, purpose and time management, all were very helpful. These action steps are not the end but instead the beginning of a new routine and intentional habit in my life. Step back so that you can see what truly feeling whole and well could be for you.

Do you notice your weathering? What did you do about it? Share your thoughts.

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Tammy Austin, LMHC

Coach and Therapist


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