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I Rise Coaching Group For Women

How we show up in our lives is a reflection of are beliefs, behavior and intentions. In this coaching group we will discuss topics and resources for self reflection, insight and awareness. Harnessing the power of other women encouraging, challenging and supporting growth to find balance, peace, self confidence, and authenticity.

When we are comfortable in our skin and our lives reflect this renewed sense of self, we are powerful and strong. The I Rise Coaching Group is not a therapy group, although we will abide by confidentiality, respect and regard for all members.

The sessions are virtual and will take place weekly. In addition to the coaching group, each participant can access a 1:1 coaching session to further clarify goals. Sessions are 8 weeks in total.

When you are ready to schedule a consultation complete the form below. My team and I are therapists to your Coach. Let's get to work, your next chapter is waiting!

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