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Welcome To Therapy Unchained

Tammy Austin

Therapy Unchained is the home of It's Just One Chapter strategy and transformation services for individuals, parents and couples. In this space, you have choice, you pick the package and determine your goals. 
I am a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, Transformation Coach and Author.   I have always had a passion for personal growth and authenticity for myself and for others.
Throughout my extensive career as a mental health profession I have seen the resiliency, inner strength and passion that drives us toward greater authenticity.
Circumstances and situations in our life can cause us to lose our way and diminish the light within. Coaching is a powerful, effective and short-term approach to the mindset and lifestyle reset needed for your next chapter.
Join the site by downloading the app and check out  worksheets, blogs and podcasts. Be the first to find out about upcoming events and books. Head over to Youtube
This website is not intended to replace the therapeutic experience nor to offer therapy of any kind. Therapy Unchained is a place to explore, reflect and grow.


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