Live your best life with services and resources curated for authentic living. 




Coaching is not therapy in that there is no diagnosis or treatment plan. 


Coaching goals are determined by you.

  • Accountability based, 

  • Action oriented approach   

  • Supportive

  • Growth Oriented

  • Time limited

  • Effective



It's easy to get stuck in the routines of life. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the many roles we have such as, spouse, partner or parent.

Parent Coaching enables you to explore your parenting philosophy and expectations from a personal development approach.

We identify your strengths and blindspots and create a personalized plan for you to bring intentionality and authenticity to your parenting role.

Prepare-Enrich Relationship Assessment and Skill building for couples is also provided.


I Rise: Women's Group 

I Rise is a coaching group for mindset, health and lifestyle changes. 

  • Exploring Awareness

  • Defining Action Steps

  • Creating Accountability

  • Support  

  • Encouragement

  • Personal Success 

This group is not diagnosis based and it is time limited.



Couples Coaching & Virtual 
Date Nights


Couples coaching is for the committed couple seeking to take their emotional connection and communication to the next level. 



Virtual date nights are sessions designed to create couple identity and emotional connection. 

A topic is introduced and couples are encouraged to explore and discuss the topics individually and in the group.

Activities are facilitated by your relationship coach. Learn skills that can be used right away.

My Approach

It's Just One Chapter, however, circumstances we don't anticipate such as, a failed marriage, loss of a loved one, job losses and other events can leave us lost, broken or stuck. 


My approach to Coaching is by listening, exploring and collaboration I specialize in working with adults and couples seeking to become the best version of themselves. 


"We are uniquely and wonderfully made", Psalm 139:14.  Coaching is a non therapy approach to creating your unique path to an authentic, wholehearted life style and mindset.


Tammy Austin, Coaching for Life